Bikepacking Kit List

bikepacking camping kit

The Intro

I’ve been doing a small amount if bikepacking and lightweight bicycle touring over the last 18 months or so. The distinction between bikepacking and touring is a somewhat hazy one, and there are plenty of Think Pieces about how to tell. Short form for me is that I prefer framebags to panniers and wider tyres to 25mm.

This is mostly a reminder list for myself, it’s not definitive and it’s not for everyone. There are also many, many versions of this post available, go read something by someone who’s better at it than me.

The List

I’m going to split this by bag location as that seems to be the most sensible. There are endless arguments about what should go where and how best to carry certain items, but this is what seems to work for me.

Handlebar bag

This is mostly clothes and ‘sleeping system’.

Frame bag

Lots of bits that don’t quite fit elsewhere.

Seat pack

Cooking, food, extra layers.

Top Tube bag

Snacks. Snacks.

Future changes

Things I’d like to change, but don’t have the time/money for: